Privacy policy

Below is the privacy policy we have with our customers, unless otherwise agreed.

In view of the fact that the above company, ** Crossplatform Sverige AB ** and ** your company **, refers to entering into cooperation, the terms of the contract are hereinafter signed as confidential information may be provided.

1st Confidential Information

Confidential information is information about the companies, regardless of kind, which may be provided under the parties’ cooperation regarding knowledge, business secrets or other information, irrespective of the type of each contracting party whose disclosure may damage any of the companies.

2nd Non-Confidential Information

Information that is generally veterinary, or as the parties to the agreement already know about each other since the beginning of the cooperation, are not considered confidential information.

3rd Privacy applies

This confidentiality agreement means that none of the contracting parties may disclose such confidential information about each other to any third party, such as individuals, companies, government and organizations.

4th Exception of privacy

However, confidential information may be disclosed if one of the contracting parties allows the other contracting party to do so or if the authority has decided to provide such information.

5th Return of Confidential Information

Upon termination of the parties’ cooperation, confidential information shall be returned. Returns shall also be made if any of the parties to the agreement so require.

6th Know at Contract Crime

If any of the parties to the agreement violates this agreement on confidentiality, you should be entitled to ** amount **.

7th Other

** If something should be added to the agreement, this can be written here **.

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