react-native-cross-components published

After having met Callstack at React-Native EU 2018 we started working with their fantastic library react-native-paper.

This in turn led to us beginning to develop our own library, to make the components we use often even more flexible.

So now we can finally present react-native-cross-components on NPM and GitHub, with support for many common scenarios such as masked text, modal dialog and busy indicator.

CrossEditor component

Börja använda det direkt:

yarn add react-native-cross-components react-native-paper

Read more on the GitHub page:

During this journey we’ve learnt a lot about document generation using gh-pages, testing and code coverage using Jest and and how separation to small packages really lead to higher productivity by avoiding unmanagable project growth.

We look forward to hearing opinions of other developers about how the package can be improved.

Happy coding!

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