App developer for iOS and Android right in Stockholm

There has to be some app developer in Stockholm with a passion for apps and smart Xamarin solutions for iOS and Android right?

That was the starting point when we founded Crossplatform Sweden AB – a company focused on mobile development with cross-platform technologies.

Scania also has app developers
Gjuteriporten, Scania

The first two founders Thomas and Emil met at Scania where they worked in the same team. The trio was made complete when Emil’s former colleague Ahmad accepted to become the third founder of the company.

We had a clear vision: a pure app development company for consultancy and own distribution in the app stores. So whas there any customers? Could we find them?

Using good connections we already had our first customers from day one, which included well known Swedish travel agency Apollo, where our experinece as app developers using Microsoft’s Xamarin framework was exactly what they needed.

App for iOS and Android by Crossplatform
Apollo chose Crossplatform for app development

And so we had begun. We delivered our first apps and started to build our brand; we of course needed this website, a graphical profile and networking.
But we were in business and finally we worked with what we do best; mobile solutions for companies.

Now all our combined experince comes to use and we work with something we really belive in – modernizing systems so they get in the hands of the users.

So what is the next step? As we grow we will have to expand our team with others who share our vision about what cross-platform can do for mobile development at companies.

Crossplatform events at
Crossplatform events at

At the same time we take an active role in groups for app developers like, open source projects at and social media like Facebook.


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