The future of mobile development today

The challenges of mobile development

When modernizing your business by building mobile apps there’s an dilemma what platforms should we develop for? Which one should we choose first? How will we keep them updated? Beyond this an expertise in each platform is required to adjust look and function so it both follows your graphical profile and feels just “right” for the device.

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Mobile development made easy with Crossplatform

Mobile development using cross-platform technologies is what we are and what we do. We develop to at least two platforms at once; iOS and Android.

Although we target multiple platforms when building apps we do it from a single project. The result is two native apps working smoothly on their respective device.

Unlike web based solutions for cross-platform apps, we make them native. This means that the look and feel for the apps will be according to the device and will match the user’s expectation.

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Modern technologies

This is made possible though tools like Microsofts Xamarin and Facebook’s React Native, where the code is written once but result in apps on multiple platforms.

So a button looks like a button on iPhone-button / iOS and an Android button on Samsung Galaxy.

Advantages include great testability, maintenance, delivery and further development.
The users don’t have to feel split up on account of iOS and Android being developed separately.

DevOps flow in centralized and the code reusable.

All the developers can use the same tools and methodologies so the teamwork gains maximum efficiency.

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How can we help you?

We look forward to realizing your ideas and giving your users a cutting edge experience. We at Crossplatform thrive on challenges!

Crossplatform Sweden AB is founded in Stockholm by three Xamarin experts who run a consultancy since 2017.

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